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Thanks for stopping by We want to help keep you in touch with the rest of the Dragaera and Steven Brust fans on the Internet.

Moving to another (commercial) server has had us down for a while. The Dragaera mailing list has been up most of the time, as the placeholder page has said. Right now, we're in development; parts of the site may well not work, and not be marked as not working.

Mailing lists archives are in a sufficiently inconsistent state that they're disabled right now. So far as we know we do have all the pieces, so they can eventually be fully restored. Thanks for all your patience during this slow recovery!

This version of the site dates back to 14-Oct-2003. The mailing lists have been around even longer, and the link page carries over from the previous site, but most of the content is new, and more categories are under development.

The "dragaera search" is a full-text search of all the Dragaera sites we know about (including ourselves, including the email list archives). The "book search" is a full-text search of 6 of Steven's books (we need help getting the rest scanned and entered); the perfect tool for finding out who knows what about Kiera, and so forth.

This site is authorized by Steven, and run by Corwin Brust, David Dyer-Bennet, and Felix Strates, with various additional volunteers assisting with the mailing lists.

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