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> On May 28, Steven Brust said:
>> At 07:31 AM 5/28/2002 -0500, Mia McDavid wrote:
>>> Brokedown Palace is set in what Dragaerans would call one of the
>>> "Easterner" kingdoms.  There are strong hints that it involves Cawti's
>>> parentage--I'm pretty sure it's in the same cosmos.
>> Yeah, that's my opinion as well.  Of course, I might be deceived.
> Authors are easily confused.
> When one is cooking with paprika, how does one decide whether to use
> sweet or half-sharp?
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Speaking as an author myself, I can agree with the fact we're easily
confused, on top of that, I'm an English Major, which just makes matters
worse :-)

So Steve, why did you include a map in the Brokedown Palace? Was it an
excuse to use Grateful Dead songs on a map?