Phatic interjectives

Wed May 29 20:01:01 PDT 2002

On 5/29/02 4:02 PM, "David Dyer-Bennet" <dd-b at dd-b.net> wrote:

> While scanning in the text of Jhereg (yes, Steven knew I was doing
> this before he read this message) I noticed a certain amusing and I'm
> sure intentional variablity in the spelling of "hmmm", having to do
> with the number of m's present.
> Then today I stumbled across a link to this paper investigating a
> closely related phenomenon on the web, and I just can't resist
> sharing.
> http://www.cs.unm.edu/~dlchao/flake/whee/index.html#rothman00

Wow, that's, um, ah, hmmmm...interesting!
These people have way, way too much time on their hands!