Map and RPGs

Tue Jun 4 21:22:20 PDT 2002

Try Hero System. It has a ton of flexibility for magic and has the same
system you see in GURPS and D&D 3RD Ed. Monte Cook, the primary behind D&D
Ed. used to edit Hero.

And I think it's a great idea. A tool I've used for online games is Open
which might work for what you're describing for gaming sessions.

>I have not decided what game system to go with
>yet: the sorcery is kinda giving me fits, so I'm trying to come up with
>something that allows for the incredible flexibility yet also deals with
>limitations.  In fact, if it ever happens, it's entirely possible I may use
>components from different systems....White Wolf's magic system might work
>here, whereas a D&D or GURPS system would work for the other aspects of the