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Tue Jun 4 22:47:53 PDT 2002

At 22:05 -0700 04.6.2002, Frank Mayhar wrote:

 > Oh, hi, SKZB!  I've been reading your stuff since the beginning, with the
 > original publication of Jhereg.  I still have that paperback, although it's
 > beginning to be a tad yellowed.  (As am I, for that matter. :-/)  You're
 > one of my favorites.

At the risk of sounding fannish, well, me too!  :)  I bought Jhereg in 8th grade (late 1983), devoured it, and have purchased every book since.  (Well, I missed out on The Gypsy, didn't know about it until a few years ago, but I think I have everything except the Liavek books now.)  Yes, the first two books are pretty tattered by now, especially considering I reread the whole set every few years, usually when a new book comes out.  For some reason Yendi looks a lot worse than Jhereg -- I must flip through it more often on rereads, looking for plot holes which I never find!

I wonder if part of the reason SKZB's sales are doing so well (compared to others, as he said) is this "stay with him" approach -- unlike some authors where I may read one trilogy but not be too excited about standalones or whatever, I can't see myself *not* buying a Brust book the moment it's out.  :)  I would imagine the Brust attrition rate is pretty low ... and if he gains a few new readers every year, then the sales take off.

Also, although I don't *ever* buy hardcovers, I've made exceptions for Brust, as well as for Zelazny (the latter Amber novels, which were new when I was reading them), and no one else.  Which makes my bookshelves kind of lopsided (hardcovers at B and Z, but nothing in between), but I can live with that.

Is Paths of the Dead coming out in hardcover, I assume?

- Nancy.