Map and RPGs

Wed Jun 5 07:30:19 PDT 2002

At 10:05 PM 6/4/2002 -0700, Frank Mayhar wrote:

>One word:  Remaindering.  A pernicious practice that is one of the things
>killing the paperback industry.

Well, remaindering *is* pretty silly, but it's been going on for a lot 
longer than the paperback crunch.  And in a sense, it actually helps: it 
permits smaller bookstores to take a chance with unknown authors.  They 
know they can buy a box or so without risk.

No, Rachel explained what has caused the real crunch.  Instead of a lot of 
distributors working their areas and responding ("Hey, Jim, give us more 
westerns next time; people around here seem to like westerns") you have 
Ingrams, which gives you (the drug store with a book rack, or the airport, 
or whatever) the top ten NYT bestsellers and a few others that they pick out.

>(My very favorite author of all time was Roger Zelazny.  I got to meet
>him and hear him read just once, in Dallas a long time ago; he read his
>first "Croyd" story.  I tell you, I miss him every time I pick up a book.)

Me, too!