Map and RPGs

Wed Jun 5 08:51:45 PDT 2002

I think charging for an RPG falls in the same category as buying a 
hardcover; it depends if you think it's worth it but I agree: A Dragaera 
RPG should be free and if it ever got the point where the web page 
cost $$$ to run, I'd be willing to donate cash to the effort.

It doesn't make much difference what RPG system you use, I think. I 
prefer GURPS myself but anything that works is fine.

So someone is going to make maps of the place, eh? I remember reading in 
Dzurlord that Dragaera was the same general shape as Europe, only twice 
as large with the Empire covering about a 1/3 of it, if that helps. 
Perhaps Steve can enlighten us a little?

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> skzb at dreamcafe.com writes:
>> I hear stories about writers losing copyright over stuff like this.  I
>> dunno.  As far as I'm concerned, as long as no money is changing 
>> hands, it
>> doesn't bother me.
> -nodding-  Yes.  Let me be perfectly clear about this - anything I did 
> as far
> as an RPG goes - website, maps, etc. - would belong to you.  Anything 
> ever
> created by anyone playing in said game would also belong to you.  I/We 
> would
> own nothing.  Frankly, if you ever found anything useful, it would be
> flattering.  I don't see that happening since there is no way possible 
> for us
> to ever know your world as well as you - my anal-retentiveness demands 
> that I
> remain as close to "canon" as possible so the first step would be to 
> re-read
> the books carefully and take notes on how things "function" in your 
> world.
> One thing that I would be certain to do would be to put your copyright 
> notice
> on the website, along with a statement to the effect that everything and
> anything belonged to you.  -thinks-  We might even be able to create
> something along the lines of an agreement that people had to agree to in
> order to be able to play (like the software licenses where you have to 
> click
> the "I Agree" button).  Believe me, I have no desire nor intention of 
> taking
> away your copyright.
> I would never exact a charge to anyone who wanted to role-play.  The 
> only
> thing I can see ever coming up would be that if suddenly this thing 
> took off
> and the website got so enormous it was costing beaucoup bucks to keep 
> it up
> (I know several fan-related websites that are this big and are in 
> trouble
> because their owners never thought about this until it was too late.  I 
> know
> one person whose site costs them $200/month due to its size and the 
> amount of
> traffic).  In that case, I might ask for all of us (by "us" I refer to 
> those
> participating in the game) to help chip in with the cost of keeping the
> website up and running.  But there would be no profit involved 
> whatsoever.
> I've never understood how people could charge for role-playing, nor how
> people could sit there and pay for it.  To me, the nice thing about 
> RPGs is
> that, once you have the basic books, you don't have to fork over more 
> cash
> (you certainly can do so since all systems have a multitude of 
> supplemental
> books) in order to enjoy role-playing.
> Ack!  This went on longer than I intended.
> Stacy
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