Book Releases

Wed Jun 5 12:30:40 PDT 2002

At 02:54 PM 6/5/2002 -0400, Ian sympatico wrote:
>Steven, here I am changing the subject.  'Issola' came out in hardcover 
>last year and 'Paths of the Dead' is coming out in hardcover this 
>November. When can we expect the next Vlad book and the next two sections 
>of the 'Viscount of Adrilankha' book?

"I was pleased to be able to answer at once, and I did.  I said I didn't 
know."  --Twain

I'm guessing that the next two volumes of Viscount will be scheduled 
between six months and a year after the first, but I don't actually know 
anything.  I'll be starting on another Vlad novel after I've flogged 
Viscount a little more.  It's still twitching, so it must not be dead yet.