delurk and question (good sources for fenarian myths?)

Wed Jun 5 17:23:31 PDT 2002

At 06:25 PM 6/5/2002 -0500, Arin Komins wrote:

>1) rpgs -- I recall an irc chat (from Pyramid) with you and Steve Jackson.
>Did anything come out of that? Like turning the Vladiverse into a GURPS

It started to, but then petered out because of his financial 
situation.  I'm still hoping something will happen.

>2) I vastly prefer hardcovers over paperbacks, and quietly applauded
>when Tor started issuing them as HC.  I also have a severe inability to
>wait until paperbacks are published, so I'm really rather happy to like
>HC.  I even like limited, beautifully bound HCs, but somehow I suspect
>that my tastes there aren't shared by others on the list ;-)

Oh, hell.  I'd love to see a really deluxe hc edition of some of my stuff, 
like F&N, or The Phoenix Guards, just for the ego stroking implied in it.  :-)

>New question stuff:
>I've long enjoyed the nonVlad Fenario stories.  I've understood that
>Fenario is a reinterpretation of Hungary.  Is there a decent collection
>of Hungarian folklore out there?

I recommend Folktales of Hungary, by Linda Degh, University of Chicago Press.

>  Is the taltos (please forgive my lack of
>accents on that) strictly your invention, or did you borrow that?

I stole it.  The Taltos is sort of Hungary's contribution to internal 
folktales.  (And you want to hear something funny?  Hungary is one of few 
countries where vampires are not found in the folktales.  Go figure.)

>Any chance that we'll see the backhistory of Kragar?  Or a Dolivar book?

Could happen.  I dunno.

>ps. you help ease the loss of R.Z.

That is a wonderful thing to say.  Thank you.  I still miss him bitterly.