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Thu Jun 6 02:03:16 PDT 2002

One simple system:


Considering that I'm (sort of by process of elimination) running the thing, 
the system currently used by HellMUSH would -- and is -- perfect for a 
Dragaera RPG.  Specific levels of attributes cost increasing XP values; the 
same (though a bit less steep an incline) for skills.  Skills have 'primary' 
attributes, but they are by no means exclusive -- more a 'default setting' 
than anything.  Skills in various sorceries are (or would be) available, 
performing general categories of things; depending on whether you're 
affecting an individual in a fast-and-nasty battle, or working your will 
across a barony (or a princedom), the sorcery takes a different period of 
time, and can/not be particularly detailed.

Granted, tweaking would be necessary, but the system is home-grown, and is 
only loosely inspired by the White Wolf and Amber Diceless systems.

Heh.  I didn't create it, but by god I enjoy it.  We even have our Sethra and 
our Morollan 'reflections' there...

Me, I play Sethra.  Well, what the drek did you expect?  The best response 
ever given me is saved in my notes ...

"Christ, she's cold. She gives me the creeps."
                    -- Count Micantos, regarding Hela, Princess of Niflheim.

And, of course, the greeting page mixes quotes from two great Hellish authors 
-- John Milton's _Paradise_Lost_, and Steven K. Zoltan Brust's 

FYI --

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