Teckla, Cawti, Book Covers, and Whatnot

Melissa Fitzgerald meersan at mn.astound.net
Fri Jun 7 08:44:33 PDT 2002

Ok, I can't agree with all the Cawti slamming.  It's painfully obvious that
in _Teckla_ we only hear Vlad's side of the story.  Vlad feels irritated
and maddened by Cawti's seemingly inexplicable behavior, so we do, too.  I
think, from what we learn in _Orca_, that Cawti's motivation becomes much
more understandable.  At any rate, she had a great deal of courage to
confront Vlad and eventually leave him.  Her spouse was a hired killer--it
doesn't get much worse than that.

At 11:22 AM 6/7/02 -0400, Beldarrin at aol.com wrote:
>     I'd have to agree with what I've so far, pertaining to "Teckla."  I
rather enjoyed it myself, even though (and perhaps even because) it was so
different from the winding, whirlwind excitement-adventure of "Jhereg" and
"Yendi."  It did, however, make me want to strangle Cawti, as well.  Vlad's
a nice guy and he doesn't deserve to be treated like Cawti treated him,
just because he wasn't a born-again Teckla/Easterner sympathizer.  Her
evolution from assassin to horribly irritating pissed me off and I was
actually happy when Vlad left South Adrilahnka (I think I spelled that
wrong - it looks really weird) at the end of "Phoenix."