Cawti discussion

Lisa Grant Coffin lisa at spindot.com
Fri Jun 7 09:38:13 PDT 2002

Regarding Cawti in Teckla, here's my Two Cents:

I think we are all being obviously loyal to Vlad. We feel great affection for him and react to his pain.

I also think that the disintegration of their relationship contains many of the regular disintegration-in-marraige benchmarks, such as: growing apart, becoming passionate about something the other doesn't get, painful silences where noone tells the truth or their version of it; etc.

I also think i disagree with the person who said that the rebellion was 'doomed to failure.' I don't see it that way, myself. Perhaps *that* particular episode would result in smallish baby steps, or none at all; but most rebellions start this way. Society usually doesn't change in a flash, or by one action; but by a building up of many little things resulting in a bang of some type; or perhaps just a fundamental shift in the way people think, resulting in change (like Cawti).

Remember that at the end of Teckla, Vlad himself 'owns' the territory of East Adrilankha. That's something of an ironic victory for Easterners too, is it not?
And, we all must love irony, because we're here. ;)

Lisa Grant Coffin