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Fri Jun 7 11:10:14 PDT 2002

"Joe Lynch" <joelynch at inreach.com> writes:

> I fork over for my favorite authors.... (Mr. Brust, GRR Martin, Glen Cook)
> Besides, I reread books, so it's nice having something that won't fall apart
> in a year or two. It'd be nice if the books were thicker though. :)

You should like the next ones, then.  I think it's the biggest stack
of paper I've ever seen representing one "work" (will be three books I
believe as published).  

I'm a rereader too.  Do you have any idea how you acquired the habit?
My crackpot theory on it is that, when I'd read everything in the
library with a rocketship on the spine, I had to start over, and I got
used to it.   Whatever, I *do* like rereading a lot.  And it's not
always the books I consider best that I reread, it's very strange.  I
think really *really* highly of Zelazny's _Lord of Light_, for
example, but have only read it half a dozen or so times I think.
Whereas I've reread about all the Doc Smith books more than that.  I
love them, but they're not "as good" in any meaningful sense I can
think of. 

Ah well.  Brains.  They're just too complicated.
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