oops. ebooks?

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Fri Jun 7 11:41:15 PDT 2002

Chris Turkel <zizban at adelphia.net> writes:

> I actually dislike ebooks myself, I really dislike reading on a
> screen. I'd rather hold a book, which would have clearer type, then
> stare a screen, but that might be just me.

Then I think we can say you're not part of the target market :-).

I find the current Palm Pilot screens marginal for reading.  I've read
5 novels on my Palm so far, I think, and another three or something on
my big monitors.  However, being able to carry three books for no
additional weight (I'd have the palm with me for other reasons) is
very useful.  And while the Palm formats aren't ideal, I really like
the utilities I can apply to ebooks (you can't grep dead trees).

I won't venture to predict how the actual market goes, since it
depends on everything from technological change to marketing to legal
decisions.  I'd *like* to get more things in ebook format, especially
with improved readers (and I'm sure the Palm will continue to improve
rapidly).  I won't touch proprietary locked formats, though. 

It can also cause a real upset in the distribution chain, potentially,
reducing prices to customers while increasing payments to authors,

But remember that the vast majority of people read very few books, and
wouldn't buy a special device to read them on.  Luckily the
penetration of the Palm device is going well enough that there's a
market of people who already have the reader for other reasons. 
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