META: Quoting styles

Michael S. Schiffer mss2 at attbi.com
Fri Jun 7 12:34:02 PDT 2002

It might not be a bad idea for the list to settle on a standard for quoting 
previous articles.  (Such a standard could even go into an FAQ for the 
list, as and when.)  I personally like Usenet-style quoting, where 
responses immediately follow the points they're responding to and 
extraneous material gets snipped.  (I think it makes for a more 
conversational style.)  But many people like the "quote the whole thing and 
insert responses at the top" (which some e-mail programs encourage).  At 
this point, I think a majority of people here are doing the first, but a 
noticeable minority are doing the second.  I think exchanges go more 
smoothly if everyone (or at least most people) are following the same 
standard-- otherwise, in long exchanges, you wind up with posts where you 
can't tell who said what, or in what order.  Just a thought.