"The time has come, the Walrus said

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> Well, you left out wizardry.

Now you've gone and muddied the waters even more.  I thought that the use of 
the word wizard was simply used as a term for those who are really, really, 
REALLY good at sorcery???  Can you give us some idea, then, of what wizardry 

> But while I have no actual disagreement with you, you ought to know that, 
> in my own head, I do not *want* these things precisely defined.  That 
> doesn't mean if I object if you do, it just means that I won't.  While I 
> confess to being a closet Aristotelian, I am still aware that, in the real 
> world, things don't fall into the nice, neat, distinct categories we'd like 
> them to.  Magic, especially, cannot be precisely defined, or it stops being 
> magic.

I've always liked the ambiguity of Dragaeran (the world, not the race) magic 
- it allows for the creativity of the practitioner.  If it was all clear-cut 
and about memorizing spells, poor Morrolan would still be stuck in the Paths 
of the Dead.  Which would have irritated me greatly, as he is my favorite 
character.  Maybe I shouldn't say that. :)