Teckla, Cawti, Book Covers, and Whatnot

Fri Jun 7 16:03:55 PDT 2002

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Subject: Re: Teckla, Cawti, Book Covers, and Whatnot
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 16:20:16 -0500
From: Mia McDavid <mia_mcdavid at attbi.com>
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Melissa wrote:

 Her spouse was a hired killer--it doesn't get much worse than that.
With respect, Nuts!  *SHE* was a hired killer once upon a time,
remember???  She knew the deal going in.  He didn't court her under any
kind of false pretenses.  Hell, *she* killed *him*, how's that for a
"meet cute" beginning?

Yes, of course, there are economic and political imbalances in the
Empire (as in all mundane societies we've managed to construct to date)
that beg for redress.  Woo hoo for her that she's interested in

What I *can't wait* for (hint, hint, Steve) is, what has she done with
her Organization in South Adrilahnka??   I love it that that was Vlad's
parting gift to her--a sustenance, a reproach, and a political conundrum
all at once.  Did she just shut it down and put all those people (and
herself) out of work?  Did give it, or sell it, to someone?  Did someone
who wanted it worse than she *take* it?  (I doubt it!)  Can't wait to

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