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> >> > > (To this point, I'd say "Athyra" is my
> >> > >favorite of the Taltos novels.
> >> > That's nice to hear.  Thanks.  Generally, it my second Most Hated, after
> >> > TECKLA.
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> >>Why do you dislike TECKLA?
> >*I* don't dislike TECKLA.  I'm actually rather proud of how that one came
> >out.  It's the one that I hear the complaints about, though.
> The thing that always got me is that _Jhereg_ seemed more Yendi'ish
> that _Yendi_. 

Right, I get that too, but consider this:  _Yendi_ and _Jhereg_ are 
both from the point of view of a very young man, even from the 
point of view of his own race.  Given the lifespan of Vlad's race, the 
difference in Vlad's age is probably signifigent to his understanding, 
unravveling and spinning of the complex intregues with which he is 
involved in either story.

I think, had _Yendi_ been written by Sethra, or even The 
Sourceress in Green, threads of the plots described therein which 
Vlad doesn't see at the time (and which he might never Grok) 
would probably have been visable to her, and therefor, us.

Says me-  who may be wrong.