Another Turn of Subject

Fri Jun 7 16:52:25 PDT 2002

Steven Brust wrote:
> At 10:16 PM 6/6/2002 -0400, Beldarrin at aol.com wrote:
>>  Actually, it did make perfect
>>  (To this point, I'd say "Athyra" is my
>>favorite of the Taltos novels.
> That's nice to hear.  Thanks.  Generally, it my second Most Hated, after 

For me Athyra is also my favorite Taltos novel. It was the first book
(in the order I read them, which has nothing to do with either
chonological or publishing order) that showed me there was quite a bit
more depth to your books than I'd noticed up to that point. Without
Athyra I'd never have tried reading the Phoenix Guards, and that would
have been a terrible loss.
(Though really, when talking about the Phoenux Guards, I think it's
completely unfair for books to show that an author had more fun writing
them than a reader can ever have reading them.) :)

May you always find shade and water,