Night Owls

Michael R. Grindle mgrindle at ameritech.net
Sat Jun 8 09:46:41 PDT 2002

Moved to Vegas?  That explains all the poker playing talk.  I have only
been to Las Vegas once, but had a truly memorable time.  Of course,
since reading Powers' "Last Call", Las Vegas holds an odd fascination
for me.

I have a couple more questions for Mr. Brust.  

Are there any authors out there who you feel are great, but are
relatively unknown? The kinds of writers you want to shake everyone and
say "Hey! Read this person's work! It's great! They should be
best-sellers instead of crap like Terry Goodkind!"

And, are there ever times when your family or friends say to you, either
about a whole work or parts of a work, "I didn't really like that." or
"That's pretty crappy, Steven." or any negative criticism? Is there any
work that you thought was simply some of the best you've ever done, and
yet other people say 'eh, it was ok' or worse?

Thanks again for being so responsive to your fans, I don't know if there
are any authors whom you would have felt tongue-tied around, or in awe
of, but its nice to be able to communicate with a creator of wonderful
things like your books.