Night Owls

Sat Jun 8 10:09:24 PDT 2002

At 11:46 AM 6/8/2002 -0500, Michael R. Grindle wrote:

>Are there any authors out there who you feel are great, but are
>relatively unknown? The kinds of writers you want to shake everyone and
>say "Hey! Read this person's work!

I guess Megan Lindholm and Pamela Dean would fall into that category.

>And, are there ever times when your family or friends say to you, either
>about a whole work or parts of a work, "I didn't really like that." or
>"That's pretty crappy, Steven." or any negative criticism?

When my first book was published, a cousin came up to me and said, "Would 
you like some constructive criticism?"  I said, "No."

>Is there any
>work that you thought was simply some of the best you've ever done, and
>yet other people say 'eh, it was ok' or worse?

Several books felt that way at one time, but, over the years, I've decided 
that they aren't the brilliant, stunning, world-shaking masterpieces I had 
thought they were when I was working on them.  :-)

>Thanks again for being so responsive to your fans, I don't know if there
>are any authors whom you would have felt tongue-tied around, or in awe

Zelazny, Patrick O'Brian, Twain, Dumas, Gene Wolfe.

I eventually got over it in Roger's case, after getting to know him.