Top-Posting Yendi seeks Teckla Artist

Sun Jun 9 19:44:06 PDT 2002

> Probably with good reason.  :)  I haven't actually seen the book, but
there are some sample images at
http://www.mojoworld.net/sil/treats/jhereg_comic.html that just crack me up
(the webmaster's captions aren't bad either).  Still, I'd probably buy it if
I saw it in a used bookstore somewhere, just for the novelty and amusement
value.  Those wacky blue-skinned Left Hand sorceresses!
> - Nancy.

Wow, I hadn't really thought about what Aliera might look like, floating
around like that. I'm pretty sure in the books her dress covers her legs,

Heh, poor Steven "What have you done to my child????!!!!!" Brust