Not to be a jerk....

Mon Jun 10 07:22:45 PDT 2002

You're not being a jerk....

However how do you expect to understand what he is discussing if you only
receive his emails....though you have a very valid underlying point.  I had
200 plus messages in my inbox when I came back from my weekend vacation.
Most I just deleted to be honest as I don't have time to sift through them
all.  I definately think that there should be a list strictly for book
related discussion as I couldn't give two rats about all of this RPG crap.
(My opinion) As such I also feel that thirty emails about spices in a
Dragaera is absurd also(and I love to cook).

So in light of the above, when the whole seperate list issue is figured out,
please place me ont he Book list only...Thanks


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But I have to admit....I'm shallow and thrifty with my time..and with the
logical talk of reducing the mails through different lists...is there a way
to only get Mr. Brust's contributions to the list? That's all that my
shallow, limited-wit, unkind self really wants to read.

Shallow Unkind Andy