Not to be a jerk....

Rachael Lininger rachael at daedala.net
Mon Jun 10 08:39:08 PDT 2002

On Jun 10, Sams0n at aol.com said:

>But I have to admit....I'm shallow and thrifty with my time..and with the 
>logical talk of reducing the mails through different lists...is there a way 
>to only get Mr. Brust's contributions to the list? That's all that my 
>shallow, limited-wit, unkind self really wants to read.
>Shallow Unkind Andy

Hmm. You're using AOL, so what applies to everyone else probably won't 
apply to you. I'd suggest checking with AOL about mail filtering.

If you have some method available for sorting spam out into separate
folders, you could sort out "dragaera at dragaera.info" posts that aren't
Steve. And if Steve hasn't quoted sufficiently, you can check the
previous emails in the archive.


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