Quick Question regarding Teckla

Mon Jun 10 19:56:09 PDT 2002

Well, I just finished reading it.  I love it.  I can't compare it to Jhereg or Yendi because it's just so different, but also refreshing, because these are problems we see in our world, and they're universal.  Blah blah blah.  I know it's been said before, I'll stop going on about it, sorry.

I can see why people had problems with Cawti - I have a few comments of my own, but since the argument is dead, I won't try to revivify it.

My question, though, is this.  Much to my delight, 'Lord' Khaavren was mentioned twice.  Now, I'm just curious what his current role is in the Empire.  He can no longer be the Captain of the Guard, since Vlad seems to know of him, yet still wonders if the Dragon woman that showed up outside of Kelly's was the Captain, which I think leaves two possibilities.  Obviously, Vlad was upset at him as if Khaavren had something to do with the troops being present, so I'm thinking he's either been promoted to Brigadier, or possible he's even gotten himself a job as Warlord.

Has this been covered in a later book?

Mark Porter
Don't Ask.  Trust Me.