Food and critters

Tue Jun 11 09:17:32 PDT 2002

One of the fun things about Draghera is trying to figure out what all
the critters look like.  Some of them are also used for food--it's fun
figuring out something about them based on that.

BTW, I wanna come out firmly in favor of food talk.  I'd also like to
know where the jellied winnecerous joke comes from . . .

Here is a little bit I've been able to figure out.  Anybody else?

~ means equivalent.

Issola ~ egret
Dzur ~ black panther
Teckla ~ rabbit
Kethna ~ pig (at least fills the same culinary niche)
Athyra is a bird that lures its prey psionically
Yendi is a kind of snake
Chreothra spins *very large* webs.  I have no idea what it looks like.

Anybody else?