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> How do we want to handle spoiler protection when new books
> come out?  I suggest putting "SPOILER" in the subject and
> at least ten lines of spoiler space preceding the spoilers.
> How long should we require spoiler protection?  One month?

Well, technically, the readalong is supposed to work like a book club.  So, 
the list would pick one book and then decide on how to "divvy" it up.  For 
example, it might be decided to just give everyone a week to re-read an 
entire book, after which time whoever was leading the discussion would throw 
our some thoughts/questions to just get the discussion going.  After that, 
others would of course respond and toss out ideas of their own.  Or, we might 
decide to do a certain number of chapters per week instead of the entire 

So there wouldn't be a discussion going on any/all books at the same time - 
the intention (at least when I tossed it out there to see if we were all 
interested) was to keep it a wee bit more structured than that.

Then, I would suggest that the subject line simply state the book title, then 
a quick description of the topic/question/speculation/idea of the post 

I wouldn't think we'd need to worry about "spoiling" people since a book 
discussion HAS to discuss the book.  If someone hadn't read Jhereg yet, then 
they would know by the fact that the title was in the subject line not to 
open any of the posts about said book.