Spoiler protection

Tue Jun 11 21:38:14 PDT 2002

At 23:45 -0500 11.6.2002, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
 > "Scott Ingram" <singram at videotron.ca> writes:
 > > Okay, I think we're going to need a little more spoiler space than THAT.
 > Ah.  That was a standard form-feed spoiler space; should be guaranteed
 > to produce a complete blank page, on any non-broken mail reader. 

Hmmm ... my newsreader interprets spoiler characters just fine, but my mail program (Eudora Mac) does not, apparently.  I just got one blank line, which did seem a bit skimpy for any spoiler "space".  Are spoiler characters really a standard for email as much as they are for Usenet?  If so, Eudora is "broken", I guess.  :(

- Nancy.