Spoiler protection with *SPOILERS*

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[attrib got snipped, this from dd-b]
>> Remember, lots of people will find the list after having 
>> just found the books and read the first few.  Or maybe 
>> the most recent three instead.  Or something.
>> Serious spoilers coming...

Control-L doesn't apprear to be supported much (if at all) 
by email readers, so lets use 10-20 lines (blank or 
otherwise) instead.  I usually do less spoiler space if its
preceded by non-spoiler text.

>> Examples of serious spoilers:
> <top secret stuff snipped>
> Okay, I think we're going to need a little more spoiler
> space than THAT.

Also, if you put spoilers in a post, please put "SPOILER"
in the subject, IN A WAY that makes it clear you're not
just talking about spoiler protection.

Just for the record, I personally believe in eternal spoiler 
protection for the Greater Revelation of Orca.



> Can anyone think of any instances in the Vlad books (aside 
> from Orca, of course) where Sethra betrays her secret 
> identity?  For example: posesses knowledge or materials 
> that she had no right to?

The only ones I can think of are her understanding of Jhereg
politics in _Jhereg_, and her guessing Vlad's reaction to
getting a medal in _Dragon_.  I think there were a few other
times Vlad wonders how she knows him so well.