Readalong-ing again (was: META)

Wed Jun 12 11:04:58 PDT 2002

[slightly rearranged]
Gaertk at aol.com wrote on Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:47:20
> I'm going to address these issues in another post on the
> readalong list.

To give people a chance to sign up for the readalong list, I
tentatively suggest we continue discussing it *here* for another day
or so.

> Starshadw at aol.com writes:
> > Well, technically, the readalong is supposed to work like
> > a book club.  So, the list would pick one book and then
> > decide on how to "divvy" it up.  [...]

Idea: The readalong charter should include the requirement that *this*
mailing list be informed of the following:

+ The start of a readalong discussion of a book.

+ The end of a readalong discussion of a book /
  The start of a readalong discussion of which book to do next.

It also seems to me that when a new Brust book is out, it's one
natural choice for a readalong.  I almost want to say there should be
another mailing list, latest-book, that is used for the first month or
two that a new book is out:

+ It might simplify spoiler protection a bit.

+ Anyone who is still catching up, e.g. on the Vlad series, or doesn't
  have the resources to read a book the instant it is out can more
  easily avoid spoiler-filled discussion, of which there will probably
  be a lot.  (Unsubscribing temporarily sounds double ungood unfun.)

- tky