Spoiler protection (was: META: readalong list rules) and Kiera question

Wed Jun 12 11:05:53 PDT 2002

Matthew Hunter <matthew at infodancer.org> wrote on Tue, 11 Jun 2002 23:55:47
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 Scott Ingram <singram at videotron.ca> wrote:
> > [DDB gave spoilers with only a form-feed for spoiler protection]
> > 
> > Okay, I think we're going to need a little more spoiler space than THAT.

> Ah, yes, my old friend the "broken news/mail readers can't see
> ASCII formfeeds" discussion.
> Can we just pretend to have it and skip to the next step?

I vote for spoiler protection all the time.  Yes, this mailing list is
more focused than, say, RASFW, but I think it's kind of unfriendly to
do otherwise to newcomers who have not read all of Steve's books.
Heck, I still have not yet read his collaborations, and would be
annoyed to stumble upon spoilers.

I also prefer blank lines (say, 16), but on another mailing list, it
turned out some people's mail programs ate blank lines (and/or it
looked to them like the message was done, so they didn't scroll down).

*** Spoilers for Orca ***
> > s
> > p
> > o
> > i
> > l
> > e
> > r
> > 
> > 

> > Can anyone think of any instances in the Vlad books (aside from Orca, of
> > course) where Sethra betrays her secret identity?  For example: posesses
> > knowledge or materials that she had no right to?
> The obvious ones: she has the blood of a goddess, and she gives
> Vlad the gem during his Jhereg war.
> As Kiera, she never eats anything (always described as drinking
> something, or "picking at her food").  Vlad comments on this at
> least once before Orca.

Nitpick: She doesn't eat *much*.  However, in Orca Kiera says she eats
breakfast (p168), and she samples some of the raw ingredients that
Vlad is cooking with (p112).
> I remember finding a couple other minor discrepancies, but not
> recently enough for them to be fresh in my mind.

I don't remember discrepancies, exactly.

In _Taltos_:

** pp66-77. ch7.    

p67: Loiosh meets Sethra: "Have we ever run into her before?"  
    "Ummm, Loiosh, I think we'd remember if we had." 

- tky