Readalong-ing again (was: META)

Gaertk at aol.com Gaertk at aol.com
Wed Jun 12 17:49:14 PDT 2002

In a message dated Wed, 12 Jun 2002  3:39:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Arin Komins <akomins at midway.uchicago.edu> writes:

> On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Thomas Yan wrote:
>> Idea: The readalong charter should include the 
>> requirement that *this* mailing list be informed of the 
>> following:
>> + The start of a readalong discussion of a book.
>> + The end of a readalong discussion of a book /
>>   The start of a readalong discussion of which book to 
>>   do next.
> I'd like to second this, as I'd like to discuss some of
> Brust's books (Agyar and To Reign in Hell are my main 
> ones), but don't really feel like joining in for many of 
> the Dragaera ones.

It never occurred to me to discuss non-Dragaera books on 
here (or there).  I don't see any reason not to though.

My vision of the readalong list was place to pick apart the
books looking for clues to stuff in other books (including
ones not yet written), and there just isn't much point in
doing that with the stand alone books.  YMMV

Hmm.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind doing the
Liavek stories on the readalong list, including the ones
not written by Brust.  Would that be too far off charter?