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Wed Jun 12 17:58:30 PDT 2002

[This is a repost for folks who weren't on the readalong 
list when I originally sent it.  If you saw that post, you
can ignore this one.]

Disclaimer:  I'm not in charge of this list, and I don't
want to be.

Some questions:

Are we discussing Khaavren books and Brokedown Palace too?

How much are we biting off at a time?  I like the idea of
doing one chapter at a time so we can really delve in and
analyse the heck out of eveything, but there's a total of
about 250 chapters (including interludes, epilogues, etc)
which at one a week would take 5 years, even at one a day
it'd take nearly a year.  A whole book at a time wouldn't
allow too much depth of discussions before moving on.  So 
compromise with a few chapters? And how much time between

What order do we do them?  Published, chronological, 
alphabetical, random, Cycle?

For those of you unclear on the exact chronological order
[checks for original, dang didn't copy that to this 
computer, Google, cut, paste, change a word...]


Dragaera Books Sorted By Chronological Order of Events

This is very nearly [1] the closest you can get to the 
chronological order of events without actually chopping 
apart individual chapters.

[The Khaavren Romances]
_The Phoenix Guards_
_Five Hundred Years After_
_The Viscount of Adrilankha_ [not yet published]

[Stand Alone Fenarian Book]
_Brokedown Palace_

[Mobster Vlad]
Prologue of _Jhereg_ (overlaps some flashbacks in _Taltos_)
_Dragon_, skipping Interludes
Interludes from _Dragon_
Rest of _Jhereg_

[Retired Vlad]
_Orca_ [*]

"A Dream of Passion" -- I've come to the conclusion that 
this short story is in fact just a dream that Vlad had 
sometime after the first couple of chapters in _Dragon_.  
Read it any time after you've read at least one of the 
mobster books.


[1] Technically, the Prologues from _Athyra_ and _Orca_ and
the Interludes of the latter should be moved to after 
Chapter 17 of their respective books, but this hurts the 
flow of the prose without adding anything.


[*] Even if you ignore the rest of this post (due to
availability or contrariness) please, Please read as many 
Vlad books as you can before _Orca_.  A certain scene at the 
end of _Orca_ is the only thing that I believe really Needs 
spoiler protection.  There are a few comments in _Issola_ 
that might spoil _Orca_, depending on how good you are at