Thu Jun 13 10:51:21 PDT 2002

[sorry KG, I sent the previous to only you.]

Gaertk at aol.com wrote on Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:42:25
> List volume is down from over 100 messages a day to a dozen
> or so the past couple days, and at the time I'm writing 
> this, the last two messages are from me, and those are over 
> 12 hours old.

I'm not surprised.  When the high volume surprised me, I guessed that
the traffic would probably shortly drop.  I now expect this list to be
bursty, with a predictable spike at new releases, plus spikes at other
less well-defined times.
> I guess the initial spike was from a ton of people finding
> out about a new list where the Author actually *answers*
> *questions* and hurried over to learn the answers to life,
> the universe, and how to make klava.  After getting their
> answers, they're now busy catching up on all the stuff they
> were supposed to be doing last week.

I hope that's it, and not that the administrivia discussions have
inhibited other posts.

- tky