How did you discover ... ?

Thu Jun 13 16:54:11 PDT 2002

Thomas Yan wrote:
> I'm curious.  How did you discover Steve's books, and how did you
> learn of this mailing list?

Robin Hobb recommended them to me in response to a question about 
_vivid_ fantasy where forests weren't just green blothes on a map 
copy/pasted from a standard template but where the author actually took 
time to create his own world. (She actually regularly recommends Steve's 
books, but most of what she says when she does that we're not supposed 
to talk about where Steve can hear, so I'll wisely shut up now.) :D
Uhm, anyhoo, that made me finally look up the books. I discovered that I 
had long ago read one of the Taltos books, but that was in my "going 
through all science fiction and fantasy authors in the library in 
alphabetical order" phase, so I sadly didn't even recall there was 
something to follow up on.
I read Jhereg, and I read Taltos, and Dragon, and at that point I liked 
the books but thought they were all somewhat similar and would probably 
get boring if I read many more. *hides in shame* And then I picked up 
Athyra at a book-fair-event-thingumawhopper and discovered I'd been 
somewhat hasty in judging these books, and rushed through all other 
Taltos books I could get my hands on (still looking for Phoenix) and 
went on to the Khaavren Romances and...
Somewhere around then I discovered Steve's weblog and got into the habit 
of checking back every few days. Then not too long ago I saw the list 
mentioned on the site and thought that since I already didn't have any 
time anyway, I might as well add another mailinglist, for how busy could 
it get? :)

May you always find shade and water,