figmentality rone at ennui.org
Thu Jun 13 23:32:04 PDT 2002

(i definitely see a need for a 'food' list...)

Having read klava being defined in _Issola_, i am now curious about
who exactly makes coffee this way, what fegra and crocra are, and how
exactly you press coffee through eggshells.  Do you use a French press
or other equipment?

I also note that the jhereg on the cover of _Issola_ is more birdlike,
and looks like it only has two legs.  Has Steven nudged the artist to
render a more Brust-like jhereg?

Constancy of the speed of light is a conclusion, yes it is a conclusion based
on nonconvincing, irrational assumptions. WHAT IS LIGHT?! Whose light? From
what sourse? Please do not mention electronagnetics - the same applies to them.
					- Alexander Abian <abian at iastate.edu>