Devera [was: protection]

figmentality rone at ennui.org
Fri Jun 14 13:52:20 PDT 2002


Scott Ingram writes:
  From: "Thomas Yan" <tyan at twcny.rr.com>
  > At the big battle at the end of Issola, she's the dragon who seemed to
  > recognize Vlad and who looked vaguely familiar to him, and had
  > familiar manners.
  Whahuh?  I'm going to need some more proof on that one. I assumed it was the
  incarnation of one of Vlad's ultimate siblings, or perhaps the dragon he met
  on the paths.
Monty Ashley, the man behind the Devera FAQ, theorized it was Devera,
and Steven confirmed this on rasfw.
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