The Demon Goddess

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> When I read BDP long ago I assumed that Verra was called the Demon Goddess 
> because of her capricious nature. But having read all the Vlad books 
> perhaps this "title" derives from the fact that Verra was once enslaved by 
> the Jenoine? After all, we're told that the difference betweeen a god and 
> a demon is that a demon can be controlled (if you dare to try...). But 
> having once been a demon (who successfully rebelled against the  Jenoine) 
> she is now a god, sitting in the halls of judgement 'n all, no longer 
> controlled and maybe not controllable?

Or perhaps it is meant literally - as in demons worship her (as well as 
others)?  Demon Goddess could very well = Goddess of Demons which kinda makes 
sense because of her enslaved past.  Mayhaps demons pray to her to be 
released from their bondage/slavery.