How did you discover ... ?

Sat Jun 15 11:21:11 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 06:43:19PM -0400, Thomas Yan wrote:
> I'm curious.  How did you discover Steve's books, and how did you
> learn of this mailing list?

A friend of mine got me into ice skating/hockey in Miami, FL of all places four or five years ago. We'd go skating every Saturday, and afterwards, we'd somehow end up in a bookstore. He'd make book recommendations, since he’d read much more than I had, and at one point, he suggested I read Jhereg. I picked it up and read it that night. Twice. Enough to say that it blew me away. I then bought the next few in the series, up to Taltos. I also developed the habit of obsessively rereading the books every time I read a new one, to put the past ones in perspective. To date, I have all of the Vlad series, including the last two in hardcover. What can I say? I’m a book junkie. If I had to choose between the latest Steven Brust book and food… hey, a person can go hungry for a while, right? Luckily, I graduated from BC last year, and despite being a German major, I got myself a job in IT, which translated to enough money to get everything else Steve’s put out, with the exception of the Gypsy, which will eventually be mine.

As for the list, I found out about it yesterday. I was buying stuff on amazon, and I was wishing that Steve had something out there that was readily available and I hadn’t read, when I saw that the Paths of the Dead was coming out in November. I immediately went to the tor website to see if any sample chapters had been put up, and from there, I hit Steve’s website, found the link to the list, caught up on the archived messages, and signed up.

Jose Marquez
jhereg69 at earthlink.net