Devera [was: protection]

Steve Simmons scs at di.org
Mon Jun 17 11:05:37 PDT 2002

No spoilers, since pretty much all of this is in the first book:

> okay, if vlad has aliera's brother's soul, and aliera has kieron's other
> brothers soul, then it does make sense that devera calls vlad 'uncle'
> then.  so perhaps aliera isn't mom, but merely 'auntie' .......although i
> suppose she could still be mom *and* auntie. eww. lol. anyone else?

Honorary unclehood.  Happens all the time - I have a half-dozen honorary
neices and nephews.
   "Every time I see [name deleted], I get the urge to drop my pants
and water him.  I'm hoping he'll either grow up or take the hint."