Stupid Vlad? (was Re: "The time has come, the Walrus said)

Mon Jun 17 17:15:54 PDT 2002

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Subject: Stupid Vlad? (was Re: "The time has come, the Walrus said)

> Steven Brust wrote:
> > You keep forgetting that Vlad is an idiot.
> This intrigues me. Do you really see Vlad as an idiot? I mean, sure,
> he's not a super intelligent Vance-like character with more intelligence
> and skills than a small town, and yes, sometimes when he's taking a
> stroll out on his own after making powerful enemies he's not thinking
> all that clearly and should have been a bit more practical, but despite
> that I still see Vlad as a pretty intelligent guy.
> And I don't believe this is just because of the bias of seeing things
> through his eyes. I usually have an instinctive loathing of less
> intelligent characters, but Vlad never made any warning bells ring.

I agree Vlad may not be super-intelligent, but he does seem to think very
fast on his feet.
Slightly off topic, does he seem to be bragging in the books lately
regarding his knife throwing prowess?

 P.S. I am trying to get used to this response style you have adopted.