To Reign in Hell [was: How did you discover]

Steve Simmons scs at di.org
Mon Jun 17 18:53:59 PDT 2002

Steven Brust writes:

> At 01:46 AM 6/15/2002 -0700, David Goldfarb wrote:
> >Just so.  The "-el" suffix derives from the Hebrew for "God" and in
> >angelology is on the end of just about all the angel names.  So, any
> >character with a name ending in "-el" I knew would end up on Yahweh's
> >side (frex:  Abdiel, Uriel, Raphael) and any who didn't (Asmodai,
> >Mepistopheles, Lilith, Harut) would end up aligned with Satan.  It worked
> >for the pair of "grunt" angels, Kyriel and Sith.
> What's funny is that *I* didn't realize that until you pointed it 
> out.  This is kinda weird.  I mean, I remember as I was writing that I 
> didn't know how Kyriel and Sith would jump.  Strange.

Taylor Caldwell wrote in a preface to `Dialogs With The Devil' that at
some point the characters seemed to take over the novel.  Other authors
have reported similar actions by their characters, but in this particular
case Caldwell found it quite disconcerting.

Perhaps you should try a sequel and observe more closely . . . it would
be sort of a cross between `Paradise Regained,' `Only Begotten Daughter,'
and Vidals `Messiah.'

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