Mon Jun 17 19:45:15 PDT 2002

I just read the Condition of the Working Class by Engles a couple of months 
ago, along with some other stuff of his.  I thought it was pretty cool, and 
I'm just a simple capitalist pig. ;)  He gave the situation as unbiasedly as 
one can expect, and then separately gave his opinons.  Plus, you've got to 
respect someone who spends their 70th birthday party getting really drunk, 
eating oysters and trying (apparently with success) to pick up women.

It's been at least 4 years since I picked up Trotsky and Marx, so my 
recollection of those two is a bit fuzzier.  I seem to remember that I did 
not like them much, as I found them to be slightly dry and cumbersome.  But 
as I said, it's been a few years and many books since them.

Alex Nixon

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From: Steven Brust <skzb at dreamcafe.com>

At 02:59 AM 6/17/2002 -0300, Alex Nixon wrote:
>I've always been partial to Engles.  He's probably the Marxist/Communist 
>that I can appreciate the most- intelligent, funny, and posessing the best 
>(in my opinon) and most straight-forward writing style of all the 
>Marxist/Communist/Trotsky Sympathisizers

I agree on all counts, except that I think Trotsky was even a better writer 
than Engles.

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