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Tue Jun 18 15:38:31 PDT 2002

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> I almost sent this just to Steve, but then I knew there was at least one
> other writer on this list who might find this books interesting and/or
> helpful, so I figured I'd just send it along to the list.
> Guide to the Gods
> by Marjorie Leach (b. 1911- )
> ISBN: 0-87436-591-0
> published in 1992 by ABC-CLIO

Awesomeness.  I will definitely need to look around for this one.  As well,
since we're on the subject of good reference books, I thought I would spread
one around that has served me well.  It's another Angelology book, but it
also has some keen information on the religious contexts in which they
appear.  It's how I got so keen on Gnoticism, but that's a different story.
Check it out!  And, hopefully Stacy won't mind me stealing her listing
format. ;)

Encyclopedia of Angels
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
ISBN: 0-8160-3825-2
published in 1996 by Facts on File

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