Marx and Trorsky

Tue Jun 18 18:04:17 PDT 2002

At 08:34 PM 6/18/2002 -0400, Steve Simmons wrote:
>Is there
>a single volume that you think best presents Trotsky's case

Oh, geez.  I don't where to start.

_The History of the Russian Revolution_ is a favorite of mine, but it's 
*big*--three volumes.  To me, it reads like an adventure novel; but I have 
enough familiarity with the history that I don't go screaming from the room 
in all the confusion among the "Cadets" and the "Social Revolutionaries" 
etc. etc.

_The Revolution Betrayed_ is Trotsky's definitive work on the nature of the 
Soviet Union, and is probably the best single work that explains what 
"Trotskyism" is.

_My Life_ is another personal favorite of mine, but, again, it's pretty 
big.  And the introduction *sucks*.

The one I've re-read most often is _Literature and Revolution_.  The 
trouble is, a great deal of it consists of some brilliant criticism of 
works and authors you have never heard of.  I like it, because I enjoy 
watching the critical process, but it might drive you nuts.

A wee little pamphlet that I like a lot is called _Their Morals and 
Ours._  I've stolen sections of it for a scene in _The Viscount of 
Adrilankha,_ so you might get a kick when you come across that scene and 
recognize my source.