Odd Ref Books (was: Book Ref for Steve)

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Tue Jun 18 18:13:52 PDT 2002

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> Excellent!!  I'm glad you're interested.  Let me know what 
> you think when you get it.  Actually, I really like the 
> idea of everyone on the list sharing their "odd" books. 
> I'm going to look into that other Angel book as well.
> Anyone else have any "odd" books - referential, research,
> etc.?

I don't care much for reading reference books, and when I
do, it's generally shallow, pop-science type, like _The
Science of Discworld_ (Pratchett, Stewart, Cohen), or
_The Cartoon History of the Universe_ (Larry Gonick), or
_Chaos: the Making of a Science_ (Gleick).  I do have some
more serious (and mostly unread) stuff including many 
collections of Asimov essays, and a two collections of 
Martin Gardner's.  And one of these days I'll get my hands
on a cheap copy of _The Art of Computer Programming_....

Hmmm what all have I left out?  Oh yeah, Diana Wynne Jones'
_Tough Guide to Fantasyland_.