Odd Ref Books (was: Book Ref for Steve)

Tue Jun 18 18:28:18 PDT 2002

At 07:18 PM 6/18/2002 -0600, ambyrglow at softhome.net wrote:
>>>Excellent!!  I'm glad you're interested.  Let me know what you think 
>>>when you get it.  Actually, I really like the idea of everyone on the 
>>>list sharing their "odd" books. I'm going to look into that other Angel 
>>>book as well.
>>>Anyone else have any "odd" books - referential, research,
>There's nothing odd about having the complete Oxford English Dictionary, 
>is there?  No, of course not.  How could anyone live without it?

No, the complete, 13 volume edition is not odd, just pleasing.  Sometimes I 
go over and just stroke it.

You can have my dog, and even my computer.  But leave me my OED.