Odd Ref Books (was: Book Ref for Steve)

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>> While in England in March, I read the "The Fall of Constantinople". It
>> is a history, but like Steve mentioned about his book, it reads like an
>> adventure novel. It's quite good and is worth reading.
> Sounds Good, I am into Byzantine history
> Ian
It's called "The Fall of Constantinople 1453"
By Steven Runciman
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-039832-0

It paints a sad portraits of how the mistakes by the Byzantines in the 
centuries before the fall only hastened their demise and that if if any 
one mistake had not been made, Constantinople might have lasted a few 
centuries longer.

Also interesting is the last Emperor, Constantine, was the right man for 
the job--he was just born about 250 years too late.
Chris Turkel
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