Siblings [Dragaeran Gender Equality??]

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> Tangent: What siblings have we seen, period?  Savn has a
> sister in _Athyra_, but no other examples, Easterner or 
> Dragaeran, leaps immediately to my mind.

Miklos has three brothers, and some of the folktales in BP
mention siblings (I remember the strong prince/smart prince 
one), and Brigitta may have had siblings.  For some reason
I suspect Noish-pa or Vlad's father had siblings.  And 
someone may want to check _Teckla_ to see if Paresh(?) 
mentions siblings.

I think Adron had a sister.  And Kieron, Dolivar, and 
whoever Aliera was were siblings.  And Verra supposedly
has two sisters (Night and Pain I think).

Pretty much everyone we meet is an adult on their own, so
we never get much chance to learn about thier families.