"Fantasy" Films

Thu Jun 27 07:48:09 PDT 2002

I can think of at least a few "worthwhile" Fantasy films, even pre-LOTR:

Conan The Barbarian
and the greatest "guilty pleasure" of all time - 
Hawk the Slayer



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> Steve, I just read your scifi.com interview, and I'm going to 
> link to it on the RPG site just because I thought many of the 
> things you said were fecking brilliant.  But that's not what this 
> is about.
> I noted that you said you hadn't seen a single fantasty film that 
> was really worth watching.  I'm wondering if you have seen PJ's 
> Fellowship of the Ring, and whether that changed your mind at 
> all, or whether you still feel the same way?  I'm also curious 
> what others on the list thought of the film.
> For me, as a lover of fantasy, I have to basically agree with you 
> re: fantasy films.  Which is not to say I don't enjoy re-watching 
> Hollywood's attempts at fantasy films, because I do occasionally 
> re-watch them - mostly for nostalgia, I think.  I can say I 
> enjoyed most of them, but that I always felt they fell short of 
> what they "could/should" have been. -thinking-  Of course, the 
> fact that most of the fantasy films had good-looking men in them 
> (remembering David Bowie's codpieces in Labyrinth)...but I 
> digress! Ahem! ANYway....heh....was just curious how you (and 
> everyone else on the list) felt about FotR.
> I'll see what others start saying before I make any comments of my own.
> Sheesh!  I've been single waaaaaay too long. -grins-
> Stacy